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Parents can often find the oral Myofunctional symptoms in their child at a very young age but may not be sure whom to ask help for. At this age, children are not eligible to get braces or intensive myofunctional therapy, but early detection can be helpful for the child in the future. This is why at NW Myofunctional Therapy, we offer the MiniMyo program in our clinic.

What Is the MiniMyo program?

MiniMyo program is designed for children between the age of 2 and 5. You can purchase the program as one session each or as a package of three or six sessions.

This program aims to educate and provide parents with the tools that can help their young children to address their oral Myofunctional symptoms at their early stage. It also includes exercises, as well as activities to improve their nasal breathing and proper oral rest posture. We make use of fun and engaging playful activities and keep the environment positive by making children involved.

Is This Program Beneficial for My Child?

Your child may benefit from this program if your child:

  • Has mouth breathing or an open mouth posture, which are signs of potential airway problems.
  • Got tonsils/adenoids removed
  • Had a sleep test
  • Has an issue with snoring

As the years pass, the child may face more and more problems, making it hard to treat their issues. So it is always better to start young so that their health issues can never interfere with their dreams. So don't wait till your child gets a bit older; you can get them treated now.

If you think your child might need this, feel free to call us or visit our clinic. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Myofunctional therapy is making quite an impression, especially when it comes to protecting and improving the oral health of infants and children. It has been used widely to treat concerns that cause trouble with facial growth, biting and chewing, breathing, etc.

Minor disorders in the facial muscles or bones can cause a lot of concerns in a child, such as trouble while breastfeeding, impaired chewing and swallowing, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and thumb sucking, among others. Myofunctional therapy provides proven results to all such concerns.

Tongue Thrust

Has your dentist mentioned that your child may have the condition called a 'tongue thrust'? It may seem harmless in the beginning but can lead to concerns such as misaligned teeth, slurred speech, mouth breathing, etc. A tongue thrust has to be treated in the early stages itself as it provides better and lifelong results. A few sessions of myofunctional therapy can help the muscles of the tongue to rest when required and rehabilitate them to develop new patterns as required.

Oral Myofunctional Disorder (OMD)

Although a tongue thrust is one of the prominent myofunctional disorders that a child could suffer from, there are various other conditions that you could look out for to identify OMD, such as:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Snoring
  • Thumb sucking
  • Difficulty in pronouncing words
  • Inability to bite and chew food appropriately
  • Drooling even at the age of 3 or more
  • Hindered tongue movement
  • TMJ disorder
  • Frequent headaches or jaw pain
  • Improper facial growth

How Can Myofunctional Therapy Help?

The therapy would be customized as per the individual patient's needs. However, the effectiveness and success of the treatment depend on the regularity and commitment to the therapy. Our team will assess the conditions thoroughly and suggest the most suitable tongue strengthening exercises, which will also strengthen the surrounding facial muscles. In fact, both the body and mind will be trained to adhere to the new patterns.

With time, you will observe that your child's biting and chewing abilities improve significantly. The tongue, lips, and jaws adhere to improved resting positions. Conditions such as TMD or bruxism would gradually fade away, and so would unhealthy oral habits like tongue-thrusting and thumb sucking

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