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I was introduced to myofunctional therapy during the first year of my dental hygiene career over 10 years ago. At that time, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in which I could work closely with patients who care about their whole body health and getting to the root causes of their issues.

Megan Van Noy, RDH

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Owner & Founder of NW Myofunctional Therapy

Through a couple years of research and as I grew as a dental hygienist I found a mentorship program where I intensively trained to become a myofunctional therapist. I worked as an associate for my mentor as I developed my own practice in the Pacific Northwest and via telehealth starting in 2016. I also ran her practice exclusively for 3 years before dedicating to my own practice full-time and having my own associates and team. I have spent time mentoring and training other specialists in the beginning of their myofunctional therapy careers to get them off the ground. I also have begun the certification process with the AOMT and enjoy being part of a growing, well-developed, established organization. In 2020, I started the Munch Bunch Myo Podcast with my friend and co-host, Kimi Nishimoto, to reach patients to give education and help navigate the airway space.

I am continually learning and have taken courses and implemented training protocols through The Breathe Institute and became an Ambassador for their programs, as well as audited the Tongue-Tied Academy of Richard Baxter (author of Tongue-Tied and leader in the field). I’ve taken courses specializing in TMJ/D pain with the Fast and Functional team. I am also a Munchee Educator with Myo Munchee based out of Australia and took Buteyko breathing re-education courses. I am a member of the AAPMD and am a part of my local CoLab. I also attend the American Laser Study Club Symposiums.

I have continued to grow my practice in the northwest and beyond and have associate therapists who work alongside me to see patients. It is amazing to work with people from all backgrounds and venture into an area of healthcare that isn’t well known or recognized by most people. However, with more and more research, I have been seeing a shift in the acceptance in alternative, holistic, functional care.

I had the privilege to work with patients in person for three years in the Portland, Oregon area before fully integrating my practice online. I work closely with some amazing local dentists, ENTs, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists to provide the best care for my patients. I have learned that most dentists, pediatricians, orthodontists, and ENTs do not fully understand myofunctional therapy because most were simply never trained in this topic as part of their medical or dental education. It is amazing to see people’s health transform in front of your eyes over the course of treatment. I believe in the whole-body approach to health that recognizes how the mouth directly relates to overall health of the body. I have also started speaking locally to grow our network and include practitioners from all backgrounds to help address the increasing growth, sleep, and airway concerns in my community.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have been able to call Portland home since the beginning. When I’m not growing my practice, I spend my time loving my toddler, Izabelle, and love watching her grow and change every day! She is a Bebe Munchee user and was born lip, cheek, and tongue-tied. We were so grateful for the resources we had to address her issues just after her birth. We continue to work with great functional specialists in our areas as needed! I also love exploring all the Pacific Northwest has to offer from amazing hikes and breath-taking views to amazing restaurants and craft breweries. We also love to catch baseball games and travel to Seattle often to cheer on the Mariners! I cheer even louder for the Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers. We love all sports and can often be found playing softball or volleyball as well as traveling.

If you would like to learn more about myofunctional therapy and what I do, there’s a wealth of information on my website. But if you have questions or would like to contact me personally, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Megan Van Noy, RDH Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Owner & Founder of NW Myofunctional Therapy

Meet Kimi Nishimoto, RDH

I have been a dental hygienist since 2011. I was always of a curious mindset, and there were things I never understood about why some patients struggled with different issues and other people didn’t even if they were doing “everything right”. I would just parrot what the dentist would say. In 2019 I was taking a class for continuing education about myofunctional disorders and airway, and I realized I had EVERY myofunctional disorder mentioned and had been struggling with sleep apnea since I was a small child.

Kimi Nishimoto, RDH

Myofunctional Therapist

Everything started to click and answered all my questions about WHY my patients were experiencing what they were. I took as many classes and courses as I could while working full time. I am currently doing virtual therapy and podcasting on The Munch Bunch with Megan, living my longtime dream of being a digital nomad.

This therapy literally changed my life. I would wake up choking and gasping every night since I was a child, by the time I was 17 I had worn my front teeth flat from grinding, and I had terrifying nightmares every night since I was a kid no matter what mindfulness I did. After my tongue tie surgery I stopped grinding, no more choking, and nightmares are uncommon, and my TMJ no longer causes constant pain. It’s been such a gift that I want to share with everyone I can.

Meet Kayla Fomin

Kayla Fomin

Myofunctional Therapist

After practicing dental hygiene for many years, Kayla found her passion in myofunctional therapy. She realized early on in her career that addressing airway health was of upmost importance in restoring health and vitality in the body. She now enjoys teaching people how to breathe through their noses and use their facial muscles functionally so that they can sleep better, feel better and be happier.

Meet Heather Huggett

Heather Huggett

Myofunctional Therapist

As a Hygienist and an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist , I have a passion for helping others with their overall health and wellness. Among the many ways I can help with my patients' health, I have a deep interest in helping with sleep-disordered breathing. My ultimate goal is for everyone I treat to breathe well and live a happy, healthy life.

Meet Diane Diniz

Diane Diniz

Associate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

I have worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) for over 20 years. Most of my time has been spent practicing in Carmel, California. I studied Biology at the University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated from the University of California at San Francisco in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.

As a dental hygienist and mom, I have seen firsthand the negative effects that poor tongue posture and improper lip seal have on the mouth and the body as a whole. My youngest son had a significant tongue-tie as an infant and toddler. In 2010 I attended a dental hygiene course and learned the importance of proper tongue placement and how this impacts facial growth patterns in young children. Due to my son’s facial growth pattern I quickly diagnosed a tongue-tie. This personal knowledge and diagnosis lead me to begin my studies with the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT). I’m now a certified orofacial myofunctional therapist. I see patients in the dental setting and online using video conferencing. My goals are to help patients with mouth breathing habits and other orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) through a series of therapeutic exercises. I believe in a holistic, whole-body approach to medicine which recognizes that the health of the mouth directly relates to the overall health of the body.

Meet Kristin Brever

In 2011 I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene from MSU, Mankato. Since graduating I have been working chairside as a clinical dental hygienist, the past 9 years with the same dental practice in Portland, OR.

Kristin Brever

Associate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

During this time I have seen countless patients dealing with long-term issues ranging from grinding/clenching, TMJ popping/clicking/pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle compensations, mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, high decay rate, and persistent periodontal disease. Along with periodontal and dental treatment, my existing toolbox for these problems has included education and advice to help my patients improve their oral homecare habits, boost their nutrition, and incorporate bodywork and mindfulness practices. Even with this, they are oftentimes still dealing with pain, cracked teeth, bleeding gums, or are turning to Botox and muscle relaxers to manage their pain. I was frustrated that I didn’t feel I had anything else to offer them… at least until I learned about myofunctional therapy.

Even before completing my coursework and training in myofunctional therapy, I was preaching the “good word” of nasal breathing to anyone who would listen! I have had my own revelations with nasal breathing improving my sleep quality, clearing up sinus congestion, and easing my anxiety. My most significant test of nasal breathing was a 40+mi backpacking trip where my friend and I both had the profound experience of increased endurance, less fatigue, and less soreness after. I want these parasympathetic benefits of nasal breathing for everyone. I want to help you get to a place where this comes easily and is second nature.

Via both my myofunctional studies and my own acupuncture care, I have also been learning more about the interconnected fascial system in all of us. An imbalance or compensation in one area can have a significant impact resulting in pain, tension, or other medical conditions in another area of the body. The power of a whole body approach to health is so inspiring. Our bodies are capable of so much healing if we will only listen to them and provide them with the assistance they need to work towards a place of optimal function. I believe myofunctional therapy can be one component to more closely achieving this. If I’m not nerding out over various health topics, you can probably find me out enjoying the beautiful PNW that I am fortunate enough to call home. I love the ease of access we have here for incredible hiking, backpacking,

and paddleboarding. My senior chihuahua likes to tag along when it’s feasible. I do enjoy traveling when I can, including taking regular trips back to Minnesota to see my adorable nephews - being an auntie is truly the best!

I am thrilled to have Megan as a mentor while working with NWMFT.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kristin Brever, Associate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Meet Seini Tupola, MA

I first found Myofunctional Therapy looking for some help as I was desperate to find relief from pain. I found a Myofunctional Therapist online, and things grew from there. There are so many things I love about Myofunctional Therapy! It held the key to so many issues I was dealing with.

Seini Tupola, MA

Social Media and Content Manager

From infancy to age 26, I dealt with chronic issues of ear drainage, hearing loss, blood drainage, scabbing, and EVERYTHING. I dealt with constant tension in my neck and head. I had braces, a tongue tie, and slight speech issues. I was constantly fatigued and miserable. The older I got, the harder it was to function as a normal human being.

At age 26, I started therapy and started to find some relief with Myofunctional Therapy! I started correcting tongue function, and it helped lessen my ear issues. I was still tongue-tied, and my structural development was severely damaged. I had a small airway and struggled with pain.

The next step on my journey was a tongue-tie release or a frenectomy. I couldn't believe the relief I felt during the procedure. It was so intense! I remember the feeling vividly. I would describe the feeling of 'having to carry a bunch of weight tied to a rubber band,' and once my tongue tie was removed like I had 'just set the extra weight down, and I was floating.

I still had the issue associated with jaw pain and retrognathia. Structural-wise, I had damage. On top of issues with the tongue, I had JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). I was experiencing a lot of TMJ issues. My Joints were severely worn down. It was suggested to get TJR (Total Joint Replacement) for my joints. But I didn't like the risk. I found a highly specialized DDS, MD, that gave me an awesome option to use stem cells! At age 29, I underwent DJS (double jaw surgery) and have been able to FINALLY cross over the line from pain and suffering to HEALING.

I absolutely love the education and healing that I received from Myofunctional Therapy. I am forever grateful to have found answers!

I had the privilege of finishing college and receiving my Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician. My 12 years of medical career previous to the Clinical Medical Assistant have left me with a deep understanding of Medicine and the body. It has also allowed me to grow with patients and see patients move from suffering to healing. I LOVE being able to help guide others to the finish line. As I work with NW Myofunctional Therapy, I hope to be able to help others along their way! I enjoy working with Megan and Erin!

I currently reside in Hawaii. 😊 The wonderful advancements of Telehealth make it possible for me to help assist those all around the world! Some of my favorite things to do while not working are: Reading, meditating, playing with my kids, and cooking!

Seini Tupola, MA Social Media and Content Manager


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