Are You A Candidate?

Patients often want to know if myofunctional therapy is right for them! We offer Comprehensive Consultations to deep dive on your symptoms to help formulate a treatment plan that is specific and tailored to your needs. However, sometimes it's nice to do a self assessment or screening ahead of time to get an idea of how your symptoms may relate to myofunctional disorders. We have created a screening tool to help you learn more as well as see if myofunctional therapy could be part of your next steps! Watch each educational video below and answer the questions under each section. At the end, if you have checked more than 25 boxes, myofunctional therapy could be right for you! Let's get started!

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Early Childhood/Birth/Feeding/Oral Habits

Speech History

Airway/Breathing Evaluation

Can you see the back of your throat when you open?


Dental Evaluation

Mouth Resting Posture

Tongue Posture

Digestive Concerns


Head and Neck Concerns and Posture

Facial Muscle Movement/Structure


Restricted Lingual Frenum (Tongue-Tie)

Next Steps and Scoring

We recommend Myofunctional Therapy treatment to anyone who checks 25 or greater boxes during this self assessment. If you are ready to take the next steps in your airway journey we have options for you! 

For a Comprehensive Consultation to discuss your symptoms further, we will meet with you for 75 minutes to complete a treatment plan that addresses your needs.


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